Trading Results

Why post results?

Credibility - I see many blogs and information on the web. It is difficult to know what is credible and what is not. I post my results so that there is transparency about what I have done in the real forex market with real dollars on the line. I hope this transparency allows you more information to judge whether the information and analysis contained in this blog is meaningful or not.

Accountability - A large part of the reason I run this blog is to improve my trading (the other part is to help others). Posting my analysis and results up for public critique allows me to gain other perspectives, interpretations, and methods that may challenge my own thinking and methods, making me a better trader. Learning in a vacuum is impossible...

The Analytic's Trading Style

Forex Pairs Traded:
Frequency: Day or less average trade
High Leverage: 50 to 1
Lot Size: Mini
# of Lots: Vary based on pair and risk identified in analysis
Styles: Swing, Scalping
Primary Tools/Method: Elliott Wave, RSI, MACD (5,35,9), Momentum, Fibonnaci Fans & Retracement

The Analytic's 2009 Trading Results 

(Information below does include all trading transaction fees but not interest paid and earned on margin and trading balances. It does not include any other business costs for operating a trading business)

# of Trades - 898
# of Winning Trades - 461 (51.3%)
# of Losing Trades - 437 (48.7%)

Winning Trades as % of TTL Trading $ - 58.3%
Losing Trades as a % of TTL Trading $ - 41.7%

Avg Winning Trade Gain (in USD) - $815.07
Avg Losing Trade Loss (in USD) - ($613.79)

Trading Profit as % of Investment - 138.9%
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